I am so happy and grateful for this initiative of opening a scalar healing center in Scottsdale!!! Just minutes from where I live!!

~ Milla

I recently visited your Scottsdale center in March while on vacation in AZ. I had one session and also grabbed the beautiful pendant and bracelet to keep the energy flow in my space. There has yet to be a day when I have been around people in public or on a zoom video call where someone has not said that they love the energy that is emitting from me and that I have a glow about me. I know that once I am on a regular cycle of sessions that it will have even greater benefits on some of the conditions I deal with. Thank you for opening your center and making this available to people. The power that created the body can heal the body for sure. Beautiful center.

~ Desiree

This was the most amazing experience my friends and I have had. I’m a nurse of 47yrs and wasn’t sure what to expect. I can tell you that one friend had chronic pain the other pain due to bone cancer. We came out of a 2hr session renewed….and we didn’t want to leave. We will be back most definitely. They are giving 1st responders % off. I would recommend this to anyone!!

~ Angie

I love how I feel every time I have a session. My body feels alive and well!!! See you soon!

~ Yvonne

I can feel it! I don’t know how to describe it but it’s a very deep peace.

~ Tonya

Wow! Such a wonderful healing experience at Scalar Healing yesterday! I have been looking into Scalar Energy and the healing it offers for a while, but especially after more and more patients were asking questions about it. I use a number of tools in practice that are frequency/energy type medicine, and have many around my home as well. I was pleasantly surprised to find this healing center right down the road from me! I told my mom and dad about it so they could join in on a session. Such a deep, meditative healing experience! My dad and I couldn’t believe how fast 2 hours went by. 2 hours is a perfect amount of time to get into the meditative state if you haven’t regularly done that, and then reap the benefits of this unique system. I highly recommend giving this a shot, just for the peaceful natural high you leave with something hard to find in the middle of the city. My energy was raised for the rest of the day, and my dad said the same. You can check out more about this system, case studies, and other research here https://www.eesystem.com/research/. Check out the center in Scottsdale, or look for any of the many others around the world. I hope to see you during one of my visits! Let the front desk know I sent you.

~ Dr. Tadden

Your facility is beautiful and the staff members are truly one of a kind. Scalar Healing Center of Scottsdale is amazing! Can’t wait to visit the new Tucson center.”

~ Babs

I felt more energized, with a clearer brain to get things done more speedily. The second visit of 7 hours was almost too long after my improvements. But also effective, in my relationships, creating less irritability.

~ Andrea

You have to be there to experience the beauty of this place. It’s part of my husband’s and mine’s healing.

~ Taylor

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