Services & Products to compliment and maximize your healing process with the EE System

Structured Water

Adequate hydration is the key precursor to good health! Every cell of our body contains water.  Our body is about 60% water!

FREE dispensing of the highest quality structured water for our clients*.

Our specialty water system provides the best quality structured H302 available.  Certified by the HyFo Lab LLC. H302 (structured water) is found in all living cells including humans and plants offering the best hydration. Also try our crystal energy enhanced structured water!

*Complimentary structured water – limited to 2L per person/per session.

Bath Salts

We offer bath salts for use after a session in our Bioscalar Healing Zone. A salt bath after using our Bioscalar Healing Zone is highly recommended within 24 hours to help your body eliminate the toxins from your EE System session through your skin.

Ideal usage is a bath prior to bedtime.  Please remember to drink lots of water.

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Official EES Medallions and Bracelets

The Scalar enhanced pendant has been shown to increase electrical conductivity 28% per EE System manufacturer.  These products help protect against radiation, 5G, microwaves, WiFi and electrical pollution. Visit our center for further details on these goodies!

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