Published Clinical Studies

Research Studies

EES Treatment Case Study

(Michael S. Cook, D.C., Dipl. Ac.)

Initial Clinical Study

(Dr. V. Marcial-Vega, FL)

Research Results

(Dr. V. Marcial-Vega, Canada)

Peer Reviewed P.O.I. and Microscopy Study

(Drs. L. Marconi, A. Soleil)

Pilot Study at Vancouver Naturopathic Clinic

(Dr. Lorne G. Swetlikoff, B.Sc., N.D., Canada)

Hudspeth Pre & Post Brain Maps

(Dr. N. White, PhD, Houston, TX)

Hudspeth Pre & Post Brain Maps

(Dr. N. White, PhD, Houston, TX)

Additional Research Material

What is Scalar?

(The Progen 6000 Biofeedback Color Spectrometer, invented by Guy Coggins, owner of Aura Imaging in Redwood City, California)

The Barron Report

(Jon Barron)

Your Healing Energy at ‘Full Tilt Boogie’

(By Allen Ainsworth, Executive Editor, “M.S. Warrior Newsletter”)

Abstract – AAAAM Conf. 2007GDV

(EESystem Inventor Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, DNM)

Kirlian Lab Photography

(Body Electric)

Electric Company Field Surveys

(Frank Haggard, Jr., Administrator, Center of the Open Rose)

Live Blood Microscopy

(Dr. Alvita Soleil, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Director of Kohala Health and Wellness Center)


(EEG Study From Korea)

Assessment – The EESystem with the Bioelectrography Kirlian

(Hon. Dr. Sabina DeVita Ed.D, R.N.C.P., CNMP, and CBP.)

GDV Bioelectrography Results

(Dr. Sabina DeVita, GDV researcher, author of Electromagnetic Pollution)

Electromagnetic Pollution to Scalar Wave Enhancement

(Dr. Sabina DeVita, Ed.D., R.N.C.P.)

Letter re: Torsion Fields

(Dr. V. Ussenko, MD, MBA; Ukraine – Spinor International)

Torsion Field Effect and Zero-Point Energy in Electrical Discharge Systems

(Xiong-wei Wen & Xing-liu Jiang, China)

Integrable and Nonintegrable Structures in Shipov’s Physical Vacuum

(R.M. Kiehn, Univ. of Houston)
Cartan’s Corner

A New Paradigm Theorizing the Mechanism of Bioenergy Healing

(M. Sue Benford, R.N., M.A.)
Journal of Theoretics

Scalar Field Technology

(Dr. Victor Vega Bradgate)

EES Abstract

(Dr. Greg Gerber)

Effect of Non-Hertzian Scalar Waves on the Immune System

(Dr. Glen Rein, Stanford University Medical Center)

Biological Interactions with Scalar Energy Cellular Mechanisms of Action

(Dr. Glen Rein, Stanford University Medical Center)

Edison Electric Field Survey

(Mr. Brian Thorson, Frank Haggard, Jr.)

Live Blood Results


case study 4

(Lilli Botchis Ph.D.)