Share The Healing!

We realize that even with our fixed low cost hourly rate as per guidelines per UNIFYD Healing and EE System of $60 per hour ($55 for UNIFYD members),  this may pose a financial challenge to some of our clients.

We wish to share the best light, goodness, and the higher human love and generosity spread here at Scalar Healing Center in conjunction with EE System and UNIFYD Healing.

We are establishing a fund to help assist qualified people that may require some financial assistance.

We will be donating 20 free session hours monthly and any US dollar contributions will help pay for assistance with sessions and in store products.  Hours paid for by financial aide sessions will also be heavily discounted at $40/hour.

Please call the center for details.

We welcome your donations to add to this fund.

Let’s make global healing as it should be!

We will also be posting specials throughout the month – watch for our specials on social media and our newsletter.